Sahil embarked on his creative journey under the guidance of his father, a seasoned Creative Director. His early exposure to the world of photography was in the early 90s, with its intricate setups and meticulous handling of large DSLRs and camera films, left an indelible mark on him. Witnessing images come to life in the darkroom through the "Darkroom Enlarger" was nothing short of magic, setting the stage for his transformation into a Creative Director and Photographer.
For Sahil, photography is more than just a skill; it's a finely honed art form cultivated over 8 years. Specializing in product, food, and lifestyle photography & videography, he holds a distinguished Lighting Expertise certification from Karl Taylor Education in London. This specialized knowledge empowers Sahil to create visually stunning content that resonates profoundly across various media platforms. He also serves as a Nikon instructor at Nikon MEA and regularly conducts workshops and classes where he teaches students various forms of photography and videography.
At VCM Clicks Photography, Sahil leads a skilled team comprising photographers/videographers, content writers, food stylists, social media managers, and graphic designers. This diversity enables us to offer a wide range of services, from photography and video shoots to art direction, photo retouching, food styling, social media management, content creation, copywriting, SEO management, social media ads management, graphic designing, logo designing, brand identity creation, all under one roof.
When you choose VCM Clicks Photography, you can expect 100% guaranteed originality, authenticity, quality, and delight. We are committed to elevating your brand with top-quality photos, videos, and graphics created with creativity, passion, and imagination.
Whether you have a clear vision or seek guidance, VCM Clicks Photography is here to help you create high-impact content that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and requirements. We take pride in celebrating your achievements, knowing your success is our success too.
While Sahil is currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, he is available for projects worldwide. Additionally, if you collaborate with us for a product photo or video shoot, you can begin with a complimentary discovery call. Once you’ve established a mutual understanding, ship your products to our studio, and we will handle the rest.
Let us be your eyes, ears, and soul. Hire us today, and we will demonstrate how we can make you stand out!
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